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Finding Hope in Chaos

Finding Hope in Chaos - SteeveSimbert



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By Steeve Simbert


Every so often, a story comes along that is so compelling, so inspiring, and so hard to believe that it must be written down and shared with the world. Steeve Simbert’s journey from abject poverty to living the American Dream is one such story. It will educate you, inspire you, and at times entertain you; but make no mistake, it is also a story of abuse, poverty, deception, and pain.


This gripping and personal account of Steeve’s arduous journey from the pits of hell to the glorious heights of success begins in Miami, where he and his twin brother are expelled from their father’s house and returned to Haiti penniless. While struggling to make ends meet and finish high school, his hometown is devastated by one of the most catastrophic earthquakes in human history, killing 250,000 Haitians.


Steeve’s fortuitous introduction to the “7 Mindsets” then changes his life forever, setting him on a journey of enlightenment that ultimately enables him to become the first-ever Haitian or Haitian American in history to obtain a Master of Public Policy from the prestigious University of Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government.


This memoir, “Finding Hope in Chaos: Rising from Crisis into the American Dream,” follows Steeve on his journey, while challenging your humanity and inspiring you to reach for the brightest star in the sky no matter what adversities you might encounter along the way. Order on Amazon now!


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