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1. Everything is Possible

Dream big, embrace creativity and expect results

Believing that “Everything is Possible” means that you understand that everyone can live an extraordinary life. After all, everything that human have ever made was only an idea until someone supported that idea enough to turn it into a reality. Accepting this basic tenet of the 7 Mindsets will allow you to believe in the possibility that you can live a wonderful life, help raise your overall expectations, and empower you to take charge of your life.

2. Passion First

Pursue your authentic talents and deepest interests

The idea behind “Passion First” is that we, as humans, are unique individuals who should share that uniqueness with the world. To that end, you must pursue your most genuine goals with passion and zest, overcoming any obstacles that you discover in your path.

3. We Are Connected

Explore the synergies in all relationships and learn to empower one another

When you understand that “We Are Connected,” you will also realize that everyone you meet can help you achieve your dreams. As such, you will discover how to explore your relationship with others, look beyond physical and material differences, and enjoy competing with friends and acquaintances with the understanding that a healthy competition offers a learning opportunity for everyone involved.

4. 100% Accountable

Choose to be responsible for your own happiness and success

Being “100% Accountable” means that you are responsible for your past, present, and future life. No one else is to blame for your mistakes, but no one else can take credit for your successes either. You are what you choose to be, and no one can take that away from you. Adopting this mindset will allow you to move beyond your preconceived notion and any imaginary boxes you have drawn yourself into. You will be a free agent who can achieve anything that anyone else can achieve.

5. Attitude of Gratitude

Seek positives from every experience and be thankful for all you have

With an “Attitude of Gratitude,” you will learn to look at the bright side of life, and find something positive in even the most negative of situations. Although every situation includes bad and good aspects, continually searching for the bad parts will set you on a self-destructive path. On the other hand, looking for the silver lining will always bring you joy and success.

6. Live to Give

Inspire and serve others while maximizing your potential

When you begin to “Live to Give,” you will realize that everything in life is a continual cycle. As they say, “What goes around comes around.” When you show kindness and generosity toward those around you, they will often return that kindness in whatever way they can. In other words, using your talents to help others will inspire them to return the favor. Expand that idea to a worldwide perspective, and you will see that making a positive impact in the world will reward you in return.

7. The Time is Now

Harness the power of this moment, and take purposeful action today

When you realize that “The Time is Now,” you will learn to embrace the present. Since the future is uncertain and the past is unchangeable, the only time that you can produce any effect on your world is right now. If you want to improve your future, you must begin today, at this moment, and without delay.

In 2010, I attended a life-changing motivational camp at Walt Disney World, where I learned the 7 Mindsets for living the ultra-successful life, which have played an integral role in my personal life and professional success. For their amazing contributions, I would like to thank my mentors and the founders of the Magic Wand Foundation who taught me these invaluable lessons – Juan P. Casimiro, Mitchell Schlimer, Scott Shickler, and Jeff Waller.

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