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From the Rubbles of Haiti’s Earthquake to Oxford and Capitol Hill

My life’s purpose is to mentor young people so that they can realize their fullest potential while making a positive and lasting impact in their communities. My own journey began with surviving some of the toughest challenges imaginable.

Born in Haiti and raised in a Catholic orphanage, I shared a tiny room with my mother and twin brother. For as long as I can remember, my life has been nomadic – moving from place to place in the wake of natural disasters and economic difficulties. In 2004, my hometown of Gonaïves was flooded by the devastating Hurricane Jeanne, which caused the death of 3,000 of my fellow Haitian brothers and sisters. Consequently, my twin brother and I were forced to leave our mother and live with a relative in the capital city of Haiti, Port-au-Prince.

Six years after escaping the hurricane, a cataclysmic earthquake destroyed Port-au-Prince and left more than 200,000 people dead. I found myself moving again – this time to the United States to realize my American dream. Just one month after arriving in Miami, I became homeless – another crisis, another transition.

Having overcome my own set of crises and seemingly insurmountable challenges, I realized that my life’s goal is to make a meaningful and positive difference in young people’s lives.

Nothing gives me greater joy than empowering young people by giving them motivational counseling so that they can believe in their potential and pursue their dreams. Having attended some of the world’s most prestigious universities, I have helped and mentored hundreds of young men and women from around the world through my coaching services and teaching them how to apply the same strategies that I used in my own educational career to help them gain admission to top universities.

I train my mentees to always have higher aims and goals and passionately pursue their realization by implementing unconventional thinking, and unique strategies.


A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

James Keller
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