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Simbert’s Young Leader’s Guide Offers Career and General Life Advice

Are you a college or graduate student, or recent graduate, seeking to obtain interesting work in Washington, D.C.? The Young Leader’s Guide to Internships, Scholarships, and Fellowships in Washington, D.C., and Beyond offers information on internships, scholarships, and essential advice for young leaders to survive and thrive in the nation’s capital.

The Young Leader’s Guide offers practical advice for young people to succeed and work their way up the career ladder. The book offers guidance on developing the proper mindset for beginning a political internship or fellowship. Section 1, “Preparing for Success,” offers career tips based on the experiences of the book’s author, Steeve Simbert, in his efforts to find a job in D.C., despite the rejection letters he received.

“I have probably received only 1 percent of the opportunities I have applied for, which means that 99 percent of the time, I have been rejected. […] As a result, I become eager to apply for even more opportunities.”  In his book, Simbert offers practical advice that he has used himself to secure employment in Capitol Hill and in the State Department.

Simbert credits his successes at Georgetown, as an Oxford alum, and in his professional career due to his positive outlook on life. As a former resident of Haiti and a survivor of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Simbert has experienced adversity from a young age. Now, he offers his advice on how to surmount difficulties and stay focused on your goal.

The Young Leader’s Guide’s “Preparing for Success” section features 10 golden rules that young leaders should take to heart when embarking on an exciting opportunity in Washington, D.C. (or, really, in any internship anywhere). These include building relationships with your colleagues; demonstrating professionalism in the workplace; being on time to work; listening more and speaking less; and observing, learning, and adapting. Simbert discusses each of his golden rules in detail, providing examples of how to execute them in the workplace to be successful and get ahead.

To gain motivation and inspiration in your quest to become an intern in Washington, read all of Simbert’s insightful career and general life advice on internships, fellowships, and scholarships in his new book, which can be found on Amazon at


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