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Success Stories


The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.

Alice Jin Liu, Acceptance Offer Cambridge University, Centre of Development Studies, MPhil of Development Studies & Sciences Po, Paris School of International Affairs, Master of International Development

As a senior student at Peking University, I have applied to master programs with the incredible guidance of Steeve Simbert, and so far, I have received offers from Sciences Po and Cambridge University.

Steeve has been my mentor since November 2017, when I made a late decision to study overseas for a master’s degree. Applications have never been a smooth process, especially for students coming from non-English academic backgrounds. Luckily, I met Steeve, and it was his inspirational, delicate, and professional coaching that helped me achieve my goals. Steeve has a tremendously rich experience of many world prestigious schools, which came as valuable first-hand suggestions when I consulted him for school choices. The most difficult part for me was the personal statement (PS), as applicants have to make themselves stand out amongst the competition of hundreds (sometimes thousands) of incredibly accomplished students. A distinctive personal statement requires not only unique personal stories, but more importantly, creative and impressive ways to present them. Steeve was the magician who inspired and instructed me to complete brilliant drafts through constant reviews of my work. Unlike most mentors I have met, Steeve is not only a professional who gives answers, but he is more of a true mentor and a close friend you can approach at any time. The way he brainstorms with me and reviews my work influences me to think holistically and confidently. These are valuable lessons I will carry with me throughout my life journey, beyond applications and interviews.

Steeve is an enthusiastic, inspiring, and humorous individual, and his experiences and aspirations could greatly impact young people in their life to make a difference. I would therefore genuinely recommend Steeve to any student who seeks advice or support in school or professional work. I believe Steeve will have a lifelong positive impact on every student he mentors and empower young social innovators to enable them to achieve their goals.

Ashley Hu, Acceptance Offer to the University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy, Master of Public Policy

My name is Ashley Hu, and I am a senior student at China Foreign Affairs University. Steeve Simbert has been advising me with my Master of Public Policy admissions application since October 2017. With the help of his mentoring program, I have successfully been accepted to my dream school, the University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy, for a Master of Public Policy.

As an experienced mentor, Steeve combined his success in applying to and graduating from Oxford University, Blavatnik School of Government, and his public policy work experience in the United States Congress to guide me with my personal statement and the overall graduate school application process. With my first draft, I was struggling to write a compelling story that would connect with the admissions committee. But Steeve helped me create a strong, logically consistent story that flowed beautifully. Steeve is also very adept at teaching how to captivate the reader from start to finish, and tailor a storyline that is both emotional and direct while providing meaningful substance. After our discussion, he meticulously edited, re-edited, and discussed details in my essays over and over again, to make sure they were both beautiful and readable.

Apart from his professionalism, I am most grateful to Steeve for his dedicated care and encouragement. I remember clearly that the night before my video interview, Steeve cheered me up and motivated me and conducted numerous practice interviews with me. He shared with me valuable and useful tips for my video interview, and gave a number of examples of how he would respond to different interview questions. In addition, he encouraged me to have fun with the process and not to take rejection personally, and that something better always works out in the end. He told me that being turned down would only make me stronger for the better opportunities that await.

Finally, Steeve is always approachable whenever I have questions. Either via email, Skype, or messenger, he was always there to answer my immediate questions at all times and demystified any questions I had. I truly believe that Steeve would be a responsible and devoted mentor for every student he works with. I have no doubt that Steeve will make a big impact on his mentees’ lives because of his infectious passion and positive attitude, his meticulous attention to details, and most of all, his everlasting enthusiasm for education.

Sonya Lu, Acceptance Offer to the Georgetown University, Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Master of Science in Foreign Service; University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy, Master of Public Policy; Johns Hopkins University, School of International and Public Affairs, Master of International Affairs; Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs, Master of International Affairs

Coming from a finance background, I was always looking for a path to transition from finance to international affairs. Over time, I realized I should be entering the public policy field, rather than international affairs.

When I met Steeve, I shared with him my dream to attend Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service for my Master. As a Georgetown alumni himself, he connected me with other MSFS graduates who could share their experiences. He shared with me his personal experiences to help me understand the core values valued by Georgetown Hoya in an application. When I look back to my graduate school application experience, I recognize how crucial Steeve was in helping me with advising me on writing my personal statement and resume. But what I appreciate the most is Steeve’s belief in me as a fellow Hoya and that I have what it takes to get into the MSFS. Steeve helped me write a compelling statement to present myself as an ideal applicant perfectly suited for the MSFS.

I could not count the hours we spent together online, crossing twelve-hour time zones when I was in China and he was in Washington, D.C. Every time I needed any help with my personal statement, Steeve would respond to me quickly. The application process itself is long and lonely, but Steeve was truly my strongest supporter. Last year in March, I received almost all the offers from my targeting schools, the University of Chicago, Columbia University, Georgetown SFS, and Johns Hopkins SAIS in New York. When I was debating about which one I should go to, Steeve again gave me the most genuine advice. He laid out all the pros and cons for each program and let me decide for myself. I finally chose my dream program, the MSFS. Now I have been in the program for a year and it was truly one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. As always, I keep in touch with Steeve, and I am continuously inspired by his work, and I hope more people will benefit from his mentorship.

Sheeva Azma, Acceptance Offer for an Internship at the U.S. House of Representatives

When I first began working with Steeve in April 2018, I told him about my interest in interning on Capitol Hill. Immediately, he responded that the place needs more bright and motivated people just like me, and helped me over the next few months to prepare and submit my application, and even helped me work on my interviewing skills so I could ace the interview. I received a job offer just months later in August.  Therefore, I can attest that Steeve has the skills and knowledge necessary to help one achieve their highest potential.  This is perhaps his greatest talent and what makes him such an effective mentor.

Steeve’s greatest strength in mentorship is his ability to magnify the important and relevant skills, experience, and accolades of his mentees in order to make the best impression on Capitol Hill.  As he has worked in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate in various internship and leadership roles, Steeve has an excellent understanding of how the Hill works and has all of the insider information one needs to be successful in a career there.

I was especially grateful to Steeve for being able to advise me because I do not have a background in politics or government but rather, I have a science background and am seeking to transition to public policy to work in science policy.  Therefore, I can highly recommend Steeve’s mentorship services for anyone, even those who are simply interested in working on Capitol Hill but who do not feel that they have the relevant experience necessary.  Steeve will provide the mentorship needed to make your dreams a reality!

Finally, Steeve is great at boosting one’s confidence and reminding them that they have what it takes to succeed, even in the face of rejections.  Especially for those interested in working in Washington, D.C., I highly recommend his mentorship services as he is wise beyond his years in helping people achieve their career goals and dreams.

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