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The Young Leader’s Guide Offers Money-Saving Information on Scholarship Opportunities for Minorities and Women

Steeve Simbert’s new book, The Young Leader’s Guide to Internships, Scholarships, and Fellowships in Washington, D.C., and Beyond, offers practical, helpful insider insight on everything you need to know to succeed and thrive in the nation’s capital.  While the D.C. life may seem rewarding, high-powered, and even glamorous — and it can be! — it can also be very, very expensive. That’s why Steeve and his research team have combed through the available financial resources on the web and condensed the best and most lucrative opportunities into The Young Leader’s Guide.

Although many interns do receive a modest stipend, most internships do not pay well, and some internships are completely unpaid. Nearly all the internships on Capitol Hill, for instance, are volunteer-only. This means that Capitol Hill interns must find a different way to pay their rent and obtain money for tuition, groceries, transportation, etc. This leaves young D.C.-ers seeking to work their way up the career ladder in a bind — do they go into debt, jeopardizing their financial future but potentially securing their career aspirations, or do they avoid the internship life entirely?

Simbert’s new book aims to help you succeed in D.C. without going bankrupt. His e-book features essential career advice and information on how to develop the perfect application materials to obtain your dream job. This book features pages and pages of internship and fellowship opportunities, as well as scholarship opportunities available to college and graduate students, as well as recent graduates of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs.

In Section 4, “Financing Your College and Graduate Education,” Simbert offers crucial information on scholarships and fellowships that students and recent graduates can apply to in order to make college and graduate work more affordable. Included in this section are scholarships and fellowship programs specifically targeted toward women, minorities, and those interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Minorities and women can read about how to market themselves effectively in the high-pressure atmosphere of D.C., and can find tons of information about the many opportunities designed specifically to recruit and retain diverse talent in Simbert’s new guide to internships, fellowships, and scholarships, which you can order on Amazon today!


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