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The Young Leader’s Guide Ranked in the Top 100 Amazon Professional Development Best Sellers

Just one day after the launch of Simbert’s essential book, it is already ranked in the top 100 Amazon professional development resources. Written by State Department and former Capitol Hill staffer Steeve Simbert, “The Young Leader’s Guide to Internships, Scholarships, and Fellowships in Washington, D.C. and Beyond” provides useful insight for young people seeking a career in Washington, D.C. Both a Georgetown and an Oxford alumnus, Simbert shares the same innovative, strategic tactics that he used to secure over $300,000 in scholarship opportunities to fund his own postsecondary education.

“I wanted to put together a guide for the young leader that would help them achieve the next level in their academic and professional career. I know the struggle when you receive an acceptance letter to the school of your dreams, but you cannot afford the tuition; or when you receive an offer from the internship of your dreams, but cannot pay the rent to make your dream a reality. I know your struggle because I was there,” Simbert explains.

Simbert recounts stories of his high school days in Miami, after being displaced by the disastrous Haiti’s earthquake, when he was working part-time and living off pasta and hotdogs every night to make ends meet while struggling to remain focused on academics. Simbert, who graduated from Georgetown and Oxford, wrote this guide to show readers the step-by-step actions he took and the innovative strategies he used to obtain over $300,000 in scholarships.

“This book is for those who want to make it in life,” Simbert explains.  “My goal with this book is to help those who feel that they are stuck in life take a step forward — those who want to apply to the top internships in the government and private sector, those who want to apply to the most prestigious scholarships and fellowships in order to pursue their college and graduate school education.”

The Young Leader’s Guide offers students and professionals all the information they need to advance in their careers in a variety of fields including government, policy, industry, and technology. The book also features special sections dedicated to opportunities for women and minorities, as well as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) career opportunities in D.C.

The Young Leader’s Guide includes all you need to know about crafting the perfect fellowship, internship, and scholarship application materials. Buy the book on Amazon TODAY for only $5.48, and let Steeve help you achieve your academic and career goals!


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