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What Are the Steps for Applying to an Ivy League?

Almost everyone faces challenges when applying to an Ivy League university. An Ivy League wants to see your intelligence, passion, vision, and leadership potential. Therefore, when putting together an application for admission to an Ivy League school, think of it as a meal. For an excellent tasting meal, you need to use a combination of unique ingredients. In that same way, the documents you submit to the admissions committee should perfectly complement each other in order to present yourself well and to get you the greatest return on investment.

The critical steps for submitting an Ivy League application are to:

  • Fill out your admission application
  • Write your admission essay
  • Gather supporting materials to help back up your application
  • Prepare for your student interview
  • Receive your acceptance letter


How should you start planning for applying to an Ivy League?

  1. Maintain an almost perfect GPA.
  2. Prepare for and take the SAT early: Aim for as close to a perfect score as you can, but ensure that you score at least 2100 points. Remember that this standardized exam is not a measure of your intelligence. Therefore, the more you practice, the easier it will be for you to increase your score. If you are particularly weak in taking standardized exams, consider hiring an instructor to help you, and begin preparing early.
  3. Get involved in clubs early: Joining clubs tells an Ivy League that you are committed to specific interests. You should strongly consider holding leadership positions in these organizations, to show the admissions committee that you have the ability to work well with others and become a leader.
  4. Build your passion: Admissions offices want to know who you are, which means your commitments, your hobbies, and how you spend your time. Developing a clear identity regarding your vision and goals for the future shows the Ivy League that you are very mature and know what you want in life and how you want to use your talents to make a difference in the world.
  5. Visit campuses: By visiting campuses, you make your interest known in that school. You should always connect the dots, and become friends with people who have walked that path or attended that Ivy League before you so that you can learn from their experiences. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, you can follow the footsteps of the giants who have come before you.

6. Prepare for interviews: This is crucial! Prepare yourself and ask your family and friends to interview you; do not wait until the last minute to prepare for an interview.


What documents do you need?

If you are applying for the first time, before you press “send,” verify that you have included the following documents:

  1.   your school’s report
  2.    your counselor’s recommendation
  3.    two teachers’ evaluations
  4.   your midyear report, if your midyear grades are available
  5.    any application fee
  6.    any required standardized test scores
  7.   your official high school transcript and a portfolio


Final Thoughts

When applying to Ivy League college, remember to start planning early. Never be afraid to reach for the impossible. If you do not send an application to that dream school of yours, they will never know why they should admit you!

Do not go through your life regretting that you never applied. You should live full, and die empty. Always take the first step to try to accomplish your dreams.

You have greatness within you. Just do it! Plan early and submit your application to the Ivy League school of your dreams!

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