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With D.C. Internships Costing Young Leaders Over $9,000 Every Semester, The Young Leader’s Guide Can Help Students Save Money

With the rising cost of college tuition, living and working in D.C. can break the bank. Steeve Simbert’s new book, The Young Leader’s Guide to Internships, Scholarships, and Fellowships in Washington, D.C., and Beyond, offers information on scholarships and fellowships that can subsidize the high cost of your D.C. internship or your college or graduate education.

“How much does it cost to work in Washington, D.C.?,” you may ask. Housing in D.C. can run as high as $1,500 for a studio apartment. Transportation using D.C.’s excellent MetroRail, MetroBus, and Circulator services may cost up to $75 per week, depending on where you live and how far you commute each day.

Food in D.C. is expensive and, while you may be able to find cheap, healthy groceries, it will still cost you about $100 per week. Of course, you will also need to purchase formal business attire — often, nice-looking suits appropriate for your gender — that you can find on sale at major retailers or stores such as TJMaxx or Marshalls.

No internship experience is complete without downtime, so you will need to budget for leisure activities as well. D.C. is blessed with the Smithsonian Institution and many other museums that offer free or cheap admission in downtown D.C.

The monuments, Washington Mall, and (in the spring) the view offered by the annual blooming of the cherry trees are all free to enjoy. However, you may want to budget for dinner or drinks out with friends every once in a while to retain your sanity in the hustle and bustle of Washington, D.C. That’s where Simbert’s book comes in.

With listings of over 800 internships, fellowships, and scholarships, Simbert sets you up for financial success so that you can make the most of your opportunities and apply for the best scholarships out there.

While many scholarships are highly competitive, others have been identified by Simbert as being particularly useful for certain groups of people such as women, minorities, and those interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to obtain free money and a nice scholarship to list on your résumé!

To see all that the Young Leader’s Guide has to offer on internships, fellowships, and scholarships, check out the book on Amazon at


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