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The Young Leader’s Guide

The Young Leaders Guide - Steeve Simbert



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By Steeve Simbert


Born into abject poverty, Steeve Simbert obtained more than $300,000 in scholarships and grants to finance his undergraduate and graduate education, becoming the first Haitian or Haitian American to obtain a Master of Public Policy from the University of Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government.


In his authorial debut, Steeve describes in plain and simple steps how he earned degrees from leading universities – and, more importantly, how you can too. In this guide, you will find hundreds of well-researched opportunities to help you acquire the best leadership skills and experience you’ll need to succeed as well as helpful advice and insights that you won’t find anywhere else.


Learn how to finance your mid-college and graduate education while you peruse hundreds of scholarships and fellowships. Marked with special symbols, this collection of opportunities enables you to easily locate the programs that interest you most.


The opportunities in the book come from the governmental and nonprofit sectors as well as national media organizations, consulting firms, law firms, and many of today’s hottest tech companies.


The guide offers dozens of proven suggestions and tips for crafting a winning cover letter, building a compelling résumé, and conducting a highly successful interview.


Whether you already have a long-term plan for your future or are still considering your options, “The Young Leader’s Guide to Internships, Scholarships & Fellowships in Washington, D.C. & Beyond” provides everything you need to begin your exciting journey toward educational and career success. Order on Amazon now!


This easy-to-read guide includes:


  • Over 800 internships, scholarships, and fellowships
  • Expert advice on your cover letter, résumé, and interview
  • Numerous insider tips on living, working, and thriving in Washington, D.C., and beyond
  • And more!
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