Imagine traveling back through time to unravel the secrets of success from the legendary figure, Benjamin Franklin. Meet Catie and Connor, two super-curious siblings with a time machine that zaps them straight into eighteenth-century Philadelphia.

Catie and Connor have a thrilling mission: to uncover the wealth secrets of the brilliant Benjamin Franklin himself. Why? They have their sights set on raising money for their summer science camp. 

From the cobblestone streets of old Philadelphia to the fascinating world of Franklin’s inventions, the siblings brave exhilarating adventures, solve riveting mysteries, and face unexpected challenges.

Catie and Connor glean timeless wisdom and knowledge from Benjamin Franklin, discovering that hard work, good health, and self-improvement can lead to financial success. This immersive journey brings to life the big ideas that are just as relevant today as they were in Franklin’s time, all wrapped in a story designed to captivate young minds.

Whether you’re a budding personal finance enthusiast, a young history buff, or a fan of unforgettable tales, The Adventures of Catie and Connor: A Time-Travel Quest for Benjamin Franklin’s Wealth Secrets is your ticket to a time-traveling journey. This must-read book promises not only to entertain but also to inspire and educate you.

Embark on this epic time-travel adventure now! Step into the shoes of Catie and Connor, and unlock the secrets of Benjamin Franklin today. Your adventure begins now—don’t wait! 

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