Did you know that nearly 1 in 5 children lack basic financial skills? In fact, 74% of kids aren’t confident in their financial knowledge, and 73% want more financial education. These startling statistics underscore the crucial need for early financial education in today’s digital age. 

I’m thrilled to introduce this book written for children aged 8 to 12, aimed at bridging this knowledge gap: The Adventures of Catie and Connor: A Time-Travel Quest for Benjamin Franklin’s Wealth Secrets. Launching next month, this must-have book transforms financial education into an adventure, making financial literacy relatable for tweens.

Pre-order The Adventures of Catie and Connor today and pave the way for your children to learn financial literacy, setting them on a path to a more prosperous future. 

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The Importance of Financial Literacy

Understanding and managing personal finances play an integral role in our lives. Yet, data suggest that adults lacking financial literacy are more likely to be in debt and less likely to have an emergency fund. Often, these shortcomings stem from inadequate financial education during childhood. It is imperative to build a solid financial foundation for children from a young age.

Teaching Financial Literacy Through Historical Adventures

Meet our engaging characters, Catie and Connor, two ambitious siblings with a grand mission — to raise money for an upcoming summer science camp. Their parents challenge them to earn the money themselves. Using a time machine, their quest teleports them to eighteenth-century Philadelphia, where they meet the legendary Benjamin Franklin. Through thrilling adventures and captivating mysteries, the siblings uncover Franklin’s secrets to wealth. They learn that continuous self-improvement, saving, and investing are the pillars of financial success.

Timeless Financial Lessons from Benjamin Franklin

Franklin’s wisdom, undiminished by the passage of centuries, remains relevant even today. His teachings, such as “A penny saved is a penny earned,” teach kids the importance of saving and investing. These timeless lessons are seamlessly woven into a captivating adventure story, making financial education both informative and exciting for young readers.

Early Feedback and Anticipation

Early feedback from beta readers confirms that the book hits the mark. Many of these were parents who shared stories of their children now expressing an interest in money management. One parent reported, “My child is now saving money and is eager to start his own lemonade stand business, all because of this book!” Others were educators who praised the book’s historical context, which adds a relatable aspect to financial education. The blend of history, adventure, and finance has shown promise in inspiring young readers.

Financial literacy is a necessity, not a luxury, and starting early is key. The Adventures of Catie and Connor: A Time-Travel Quest for Benjamin Franklin’s Wealth Secrets offers a creative way to teach this crucial skill to the younger generation. As parents, educators, and mentors, it is our duty to use such resources to instill good financial habits in our children.

Join the Movement

Don’t miss the much-awaited release of The Adventures of Catie and Connor happening next month exclusively on Amazon. Seize the opportunity and pre-order the Kindle version at a special price of only $2.99. 

Please help us spread the message about financial literacy. Share this post with your friends and family to give them an opportunity to boost their financial knowledge. Creating and managing wealth should be a fundamental right, not just a privilege. The journey starts now!

Written by Steeve Simbert, the author of The Adventures of Catie and Connor: A Time-Travel Quest for Benjamin Franklin’s Wealth SecretsSteeve is also the creator and instructor of the fun and animated Udemy course, The Complete Personal Finance for Kids and Teenagers Course.

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